Since Theresa May became Home Secretary in May 2010, we have lost more than 150 uniformed police in Harrow. We used to have four dedicated community officers for each local area, but the £600m cuts that the Conservatives have already imposed on the Metropolitan Police has meant that the sight of a 'bobby on the beat' is becoming rarer and rarer.

I will not allow already stretched police resources to be taken out of Harrow without a fight.

Tackling gang activity, antisocial behaviour and burglaries is one of my top priorities and Harrow's Police must be given the resources they need.

Theresa May has called this snap election because she thinks she will get a blank cheque to do whatever she wants. Instead, she should be writing a cheque to secure the future of our police station and put more police officers back on our streets to tackle antisocial behaviour.

I am determined to stand up for our police in Harrow and hope you will support my campaign.


I support Gareth Thomas'
call to cut crime, not coppers

Labour Rose

Stand with me to protect our communities from
Teresa May's police cuts.

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